Spiced Swedish Pancake Recipe


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Swedish pancakes are part way between crepes and fluffy American pancakes.  Spiced Swedish Pancakes have the addition of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cardamom which is a great base for a peanut butter and maple syrup topping or the classic sugar and butter filling.  The basic Swedish Pancake recipe lends itself well to a variety of toppings/fillings.  The core recipe calls for just a handful of basic ingredients and can easily be modified by adding a blend of spices. Click here for the recipe & photo tutorial . . .

Cocktail Sauce with Fried Shrimp

Cocktail sauce is the perfect thing to accompany a serving of shrimp.  This cocktail sauce recipe shows you how to make the sauce from scratch without high fructose corn syrup and allows you to adjust the ingredients to make it with just the right amount of kick. Click here for the recipe & photo tutorial . . .