Oil Based Face Wash + Moisturizer

I’ve been using my own oil based face wash for a long time now. I love it, but I was almost out and tired and didn’t really have time to make more (it’s not a fast process), so I decided to use something else I had. Now I’m trying to calm down the epic breakout I woke up with yesterday. I had kind of forgotten my skin could be this bad. Lesson learned. I’ve made up more face wash for myself and we’ve added it + the oil moisturizer I use after washing to the list of things we’ll be including in the shop.

(I know that I probably should have included a photo of the destruction, but my ego couldn’t take the hit.)

Kris DeGraeve

About Kris

I use Twitter, I have a personal blog/portfolio, and I've recently started using Instagram, mostly for art, and upcoming HDYMT and Visual Provisions projects.

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